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Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety Treatment in Burlington, ON

Anxiety is a normal part of life, but not if you suffer from debilitating panic attacks, persistent worry, fears or phobias, or generalized anxiety.  When anxiety is in your life in this form it can be unbearable but counselling from a trained therapist is available.  At J.W. Counselling Services serving Burlington, ON and surrounding areas, I provide anxiety treatment services in a caring and professional environment, where the focus is on you and helping you to make lasting changes in your life.

When Anxiety Takes Over

Everyone feels anxiety from time to time.  In fact anxiety is helpful and a normal and healthy response from your body.   Anxiety helps to activate us and warn us.   But when feelings of anxiety and fear occur regularly and begin to interfere with your job, relationships, or other aspects of your daily life, it’s helpful to pursue counselling for anxiety treatment.   Clients come to me for help with feeling anxious or scared in social situations, difficulties making friends, performance anxiety, fears of being alone, of leaving their children, fears related to a past injury or trauma.   Anxiety is very “treatable” and many people suffer needlessly with symptoms of anxiety because they don’t know how to change or they don’t know there is hope.

Here to Help

At J.W. Counselling Services, I work to help people better understand and manage the physical and psychological effects of anxiety so that they can live a life without being trapped by their anxiety.  Through proven treatment methods, we seek to examine the causes of your anxiety, analyze the emotions associated with it, and reveal how you can change the resulting negative thoughts and behaviors.  Although anxiety is a normal part of life my goal through counselling is to help you experience live life without the debilitating effects of anxiety and improve your quality of life.

Don’t let anxiety stand in the way of living your life or pursuing your goals. 

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